St. Andrew's Junior School


  Year 3 'Caveman Day' at Danbury Park : March 2017

On Tuesday 28th March, Year 3 went to Danbury Country Park to experience some caveman activities!  First, we walked into the woods like real Neanderthals until we came to a huge area covered in tree branches.  We got into our groups and built dens using a V shape in a nearby tree and lots of big branches. Then we covered the dens in leaves and sat inside our dens to do some cave paintings using charcoal. Next, we learnt how to light fire using a flint and steel and some cotton wool. It took a lot of perseverance but we all managed to light the cotton wool and create real fire!  After lunch, we went animal tracking and learnt how to make a bow and arrow. The children were very excited that they ​got to take their bow home with them!  It was a fantastic day out, the children learnt lots of new skills and the Park Rangers were very impressed with their behaviour.



"Enjoy, Respect, Achieve"